Guidelines for ANC 6D Grant Applications

        Under DC law, ANCs may award grants to organizations for public purposes.

        A grant applicant must:

1.      Submit a written grant application;

2.      Describe the proposed project;

3.      Describe the expected public benefits; and

4.      State the total cost of the project including other sources of funding.


        The ANC may not award a grant except pursuant to a majority vote of the ANC at a public meeting following a public presentation of the grant request.

        Only organizations may make grant requests.  The organization must propose to provide services, public in nature, that will benefit persons who reside or work within the Commission area.  However, the services may not duplicate those already performed by the District government.

        Payment of grant awards must be supported by documentation, including vouchers, grant request letter or proposal, and minutes of the meeting in which the Commission approved the grant.

        All funds granted must be used in a manner consistent with the grant application approved by the Commission.  Within 60 days after a grantee receives the grant award, the grantee must forward to the Commission a statement as to the use of the funds. 

Examples of Grants That Are Allowed:

To Parent-Teacher Associations, to fund such activities as computer literacy programs, musical instruction programs, or local cultural education field trips.

To Neighborhood civic associations, for projects or activities of a public nature that benefit the Commission area.

Examples of Grants That Are Prohibited:

Awards for non-public purposes or where services are provided for personal gain.

Awards conditioned on a grantee's political position, or on support of a position taken by the Commission.

Awards to an agency or program funded by the District government.

Awards where funds will be used to purchase food or entertainment, or support festivals.

Awards to an individual.

Additional ANC 6D Guidelines:

ANC 6D does not generally provide funding to compensate individuals for services usually performed by adult volunteers or organization officers.

ANC 6D grants may not be used to support religious or partisan advocacy activities.

No grant may be used to pay salaries or support fundraising activities.

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6D


Grant Request Application Form


1. Date of Application 2. Date of Project or Activity

/ / / /


3. Applicant Organization Name and Address (current source of funding)




4. Contact Name 5. Title



6. Address (if different from above)



7. Telephone 8. Fax

( ) - ( ) -


9. E-mail Address



10. Brief Description of Proposed Project/Activity (continue on back )




11. Projected Total Cost 12. Amount Requested

$ $


13. Other Sources of Funding (be specific, provide names/continue on back)




14. Statement of Benefit (detailed description of project or activity, who will benefit and in what way (continue on back of form)




Attach the following to this completed Application Form:

r     Proposal (maximum of 2 pages)

r     Itemized budget showing all projected expenses

r     Supporting documents, including financial statements, newspaper clippings, brochures, etc.

r     Eight (8) copies of the Proposal and attachments


        Send or deliver applications to the ANC6D Community Outreach Committee, Attention Naomi J. Monk, 300 M Street, SW, #N108, Washington, DC 20024.   Only grant applications in hard copy will be considered.

        The Community Outreach Committee (COC) must review all grant requests before the ANC will consider them.  Funding will not be provided until the ANC votes to approve the grant. Up to $1000 for each grant will be awarded.  Applications should reach the COC 10-12 weeks before the project or activity date and 3-4 weeks before the ANC meeting at which funding approval is sought. 

        For more information about the ANC6D grants, please contact Naomi J. Monk at 202-479-0442 or by e-mail at  For e-mail messages, please put "ANC6D Grant Application" in the subject line.


continuation of 10. Brief Description of Proposed Project/Activity:













continuation of 13. Other Sources of Funding (be specific, provide names):












 continuation of 14. Statement of Benefit (detailed description of project or activity, who will benefit and in what way):